HENAX Sp. z o.o.
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ACMOS develops and manufactures barrier-layer-products for all industrial applications where contact between two materials must be prevented or minimized. Typical products are release agents, lubricants, anti-corrosive agents, metalworking fluids and high temperature resistant coatings.

The foundation for this well-known Bremen based enterprise was laid in 1909. ACMOS products have been on the market since 1922. The development and manufacture of barrier-layer-products for industrial application began in 1957, establishing ACMOS in its present leading market position at an early stage.

The corporate image of ACMOS is characterized essentially by the pioneering spirit, the introduction of new chemical and physical developments and their translation into practical solutions to problems in the wood, glass and plastics industry, foundry practice and metal working. ACMOS has done much to help simplify production techniques and some production processes were made possible for the first time by the development of new ACMOS barrier-layer-products. The name ACMOS is linked particularly closely to the rapid development of polyurethane technology.

Continuous research into and development of practical barrier-layer-products ensure smooth production by users. Our laboratory, production and administration facilities have been enlarged so far to cover an area of 10.000 m˛. A workforce of about 100 strong is involved in the development, manufacture and sales of the wide range of products available - approximately 1.000 barrier-layer-products. ACMOS products are distributed world wide by specially trained application advisers.