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ACMOS 35-8207

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Release Agent for manufacturing PUR, mainly for rigid and rigid integral foams


Concentrated solvent-based Release Agent


Dilutable with solvents

Excellent release

Minimal cleaning stops

Economic in use


The Release Agent must be diluted with solvents before application. We recommend using chlorinated hydrocarbons (i.e. methylenechloride), hexane or hydrocarbons single or combined.

The contents of the drum must be well stirred. During preparation of the ready-to-use Release Agent and during its application a continuous and slow stirring is necessary.

Before processing the Release Agent must be at room temperature.

Before first coating is applied the mould should be cleaned with an ACMOSOL Mould Cleaner. Before first foaming the Release Agent should be applied two or three times and allowed to flash off before each coat to give a good base coating.

The Release Agent is dilutable with solvents in the rate up to 1 : 6.


Stir up thoroughly before use. Do not store outdoors. Protect from heat and cold. To use only under permanent stirring. Allow products to reach room temperature before use.

Storage temperature: between 10° C and 30° C.