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ACMOSOL 118-410

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Cleaner for foundry models (NMP Free)


ACMOSOL 118-410 dissolves PUR, phenolic resin and furan resin residues and also causes thicker coatings to swell well.

The thoroughly softened coatings can easily be removed by rubbing with a cloth, a hard brush or spatula without application of heavy mechanical force. Varnished or coated surfaces can be made to swell or dissolved.

After cleaning residues of ACMOSOL 118-410 must be fully removed. This is best achieved by washing out thoroughly with the subsequently used ACMOS release agent. This ensures that a good base for the subsequent application of release agent is provided at the same time.

ACMOSOL 118-410 can also penetrate into the wood of varnished wooden patterns. Hence the patterns must be washed thoroughly several times with one of the usual varnish thinners after removal of the residues. They should then be exposed to air at least overnight before being revarnished.


Apply ACMOSOL 118-410 liberally with a brush to cold surfaces and allow it to act until the residues start to dissolve. In stubborn cases the cleaner should be applied several times. ACMOSOL 118-410 also adheres well to vertical surfaces.

Solvent-resistant protective gloves should be worn and the workplace well ventilated when working with the cleaner. Wear goggles. Immediately wash out splashes in the eyes with large quantities of water and then consult a doctor without delay.

Important: If a cleaner is to dissolve even stubborn residues, it also dissolves skin and may be injurious to health.


Non-returnable drums with net contents of 5 kg and 20 kg.